Mandy’s Musings – a discovery

Hello everyone and Good Afternoon,

It’s lovely that we now have so many forums to communicate and browse. It certainly makes life interesting so I hope you can take some time to browse this new feature of our website. Read, comment and muse until your heart’s content!

I recently discovered something quite startling about a member of my family. My brother, it seems, is a bona fide published author with his first novel out there in the literary world. I discovered this quite recently, on a socially distanced visit to Nottingham to visit my mother on her 82nd birthday. As the conversation went on, it became clear that my brother wished he had been more careful with his words when he was met with his enthusiastic, somewhat incredulous (and slightly envious) sister who quizzed him relentlessly on how he had done this, when, how it had been received, why he had written it etc. With relief, he told me that I would never find his book as he had used a very obscure, and feminine, pseudonym. Never one to dismiss a challenge, I set about the task of researching ancient Greek and Welsh names that had some intrinsic connection to his own Irish name. It took several hours but I eventually found it and read the author’s interview, several reviews of his book and ordered my own copy which arrived yesterday. My brother said he didn’t mind if I read it as long as I paid for it and left a good review of it!

You can feel that you know someone really well, especially if they are a member of your family who you have lived and grown up with, but then at certain points in life you discover a new reality about that person that makes you see them in a new light. Today’s New Testament reading for Morning Prayer is the account of the Transfiguration from Luke’s gospel. Before their very eyes, Jesus was changed and they were confronted with a new reality. No wonder they kept silent afterwards, I imagine it took some time for all that new information to be processed. It is taking time for our minds to process new realities and live differently. Perhaps we are also seeing people in a new light; people we have not known before who  are serving folks in the community, or we have become aware of people’s vulnerabilities which were not apparent before. As well as the world confronting the new reality of Coronavirus and how that has changed lives, also today many people across the world are confronting an old reality – racism. Sadly, we still live in a world where the ugliness of racism is still around, and people’s lives are ruined by it. We’re all too aware of the inequalities and divisions that still exist between one human being and another and sometimes by our inactivity, we do nothing to change that. The transfiguration is all about change – from one reality into a new reality. Not to dismiss what was there before that was good but to reveal a new truth on top of it. My brother’s authorial vocation has revealed a new truth about him and, consequently, our relationship as brother and sister (since I wanted to be the writer!), Coronaviris has revealed a new layer of truth about who we are and what is essential to our lives and the Black Lives Matter movement has revealed an old and ugly truth that inherent racism still exists. Wouldn’t  it be wonderful if, going forward, a new truth is discovered; that we are all children of the same God who loves and protects us equally through his Son, Jesus Christ – or is that an old truth?

#Blackout Tuesday