The Benefice of North Leightonstone

About Our Benefice

North Leightonstone is a Benefice within Ely diocese to the north west of Huntingdon has recently appointed its new Priest in Charge.  We are delighted to announce that the Ravd Mandy Flaherty, who was our associate priest (pictured left), has now officially taken up the baton.

The Benefice for which Mandy is reponsible is in the  northern part of the ecclesiastical hundred of Leightonstone, which was an “Hundred” of Huntingdonshire and was sufficiently old to be mentioned in the Domesday Book.

Hundreds were formerly used in England and Wales as administrative sub-divisions of geographically larger regions.

The use of Hundreds to sub-divide areas dates back to Saxon times; the origin of the name is uncertain, but thought to be an area of land equivalent to 100 hides. Hides were a somewhat variable measurement, being defined as the amount of land that could support a family and their dependants.  This vague definition resulted in hides varying greatly; anything between 48 & 120 acres.

Leightonstone Hundred took its name from the village of Leighton (or Leighton Bromswold), in which a large stone, which still survives, marked where the Moot Court of the Hundred of Leightonstone gathered.   


In more modern times Leightonstone Hundred became an ecclesiastical administrative area in the Diocese of Ely and originally contained the parishes:
Alconbury cum Weston (1); Barham (2); Brampton (3); Brington (4); Buckworth (5); Bythorn (6); Catworth (7); Copmanford (8); Covington (9); Easton (10); Ellington (11); Great Gidding (12); Little Gidding (13); Steeple Gidding (14); Grafham (15); Hamerton (16); Keyston (17); Kimbolton (18); Leighton Bromswold (19); Molesworth (20); Spaldwick (21); Stow Longa (22); Swineshead (23); Thurning (part) (24); Tilbrook (25); Upton (26); Old Weston (27); Winwick (part) (28)  and Woolley (29).

As you can see from the map, at the northern end of the Leightonstone Hundred, we are a group of six rural parishes in Western Cambridgeshire, in alphabetical order, Alconbury cum Weston, Buckworth, Great Gidding with Little & Steeple Gidding, Hamerton, Upton & Copmanford and Winwick.  We have seven active churches throughout the Benefice.  As a result,  you will find a wide variety of services, ranging from traditional Book of Common Prayer services through to modern family services complete with a worship band, as

well as special services to mark the seasons such as Christmas and Easter.

Mandy writes: You are more than welcome to attend any of our churches, where you will find a warm welcome. As part of the wider Anglican Church and the Ely Diocese we pray to be 'visible and generous people of Jesus Christ - people fully alive’.  On the website you will find all sorts of details about our churches as well as information regarding weddings,

baptisms/christenings, etc.  You can also get a flavour of many of our local activities by looking at The Parishioner our Benefice newsletter ...  and then there is Facebook!

We hope that you will find this website usefulPlease get in touch if we can offer any further help.
Yours in Christ
Mandy Flaherty
Priest in Charge, North Leightonstone Benefice