Helping Though Giving

Helping Though Regular Giving

a better way to give to your church

You can help your church by making regular donations.  Whether you are a regular attendee and want to pay your collection money through the bank, or you are a supporter who wants to help with, say an annual donation in memory of a loved one, a wedding aniversary or any other occasion, then this is the page for you.

If your church is a member of the Parish Giving Scheme (see below) you can make donations on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis by Direct Debit using a PGS gift form for as much or as little as you like.

Your donation, in its entirelty (there are no fees) will be passed on to the parish of your choice  by the 10th of the month the donation is made. If you specify Gift Aid, it will will be sent separately once PGS has received it from HMRC, which usually only takes a few days.

The unique feature of the scheme is the option for the donor to commit in principle to increase their gift annually in line with inflation. Whilst this is a voluntary decision, it is one that could potentially have a huge impact on the life and future of the church.

Now it's even easier to donate with the launch of the new PGS Telephone Service you can set up a regular Direct Debit gift by phone.
Just call PGS on their dedicated number:      0333 002 1271     and give them the parish's PGS ID number below.
Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5 pm.

Want more information ... ?


Contact Sylvia, our PGS representative, who will be delighted
to explain PGS in more detail and answer any questions
click on this link to have a look at the
Parish Giving Scheme website - How It Works.

Helping Though One Off Donations

You may be familiar with Just Giving.  Mamy wothwhile causes use it to collect single donations from donors and we are no exception.  It is simplicity itself to use.  The churches are in no particular order, just as they were received, so you may have to search for your church.  Make sure you click the right one !   Simply click on the church you wish to support and a new tab will open with that church's Just Giving page.  Then all you have to do is to enter your details (donations can be anonymous, or attributed, whichever you please) and the amount you wish to donate ... and do have a look round while you're there !

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