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Ss Peter & Paul's Church - Alconbury : Repairs to South Porch

Yet again, one of our churches has fallen victim to the theft of its lead.  This time, it was the turn of Alconbury's St Peter & St Paul.  Quite apart from the cost of replacing the lead, there is the damage done to the structure, both by the action of the theft itself and subsequent ingress of water.

The PCC have petitioned the Concistery Court of the Diocese for permission to carry out repairs, using a relatively worthless metal in place of the lead to discourage its theft.  It should be noted, however, that in doing the job of directing water from the roof, it is the equal to lead.

This notice is to advise that a petition has been made and, subject to its granting, work will commence on the repairs shortly.

It goes without saying, that, on close inspection, yet more problems are revealed and, if you examine the Schedule of Works (on the right), you'll see what is meant.

It may be that you might wish to donate to the church on a one-time basis to help cover the unexpected cost of these repairs, or even wish to donate on a regular basis.  Whichever you might like to do, if you follow this link to our Help Your Church page, you will find the information you need.