The Parish of Hamerton

The Parish Church of All Saints

While Hamerton is not mentioned in the Domesday Book (1086), there was mention of a church on the site some fifty years later. Some of the present structure dates from the late 13th century, but it seems that much of the present building was rebuilt early in the 14th century, with more reconstruction being undertaken in the 15th century. As with many churches, the Victorians carried out some restoration c. 1850, then at the end of the nineteenth century, the chancel was underpinned and restored.

The heavily buttressed tower, with its castellated top, dates from the late 15th century and supports 4 bells.

The church interior is decorated  with grotesque heads and there are some beautiful wood carvings with an ‘Angel’ roof.

There are also two old, large monuments on the south wall, recently re-furbished. One of these was to Sir John Bedell, Knyght,  'beinge a bvot (sic) the age of three skore and seventene' when he died on 6 April 1613.

The other monument dates from 1597, and is to Mawde Bedell, his wife.  The inscription here goes on to say that Mawde ‘had issve five sovnes and five dovghters’, dying at the age of 37.

All Saints Church          Sawpit Lane          Hamerton           PE28 5QS