The Parish of Kings Ripton

The Parish Church of St Peter

The parish church of St Peter dates from the 13th century, with the original building added to  over the following 300 years. It is thought likely that there was a church on the site at the time of the Norman Conquest although it was not specifically mentioned in the Domesday survey.  No trace now remains of the original building.

The earliest part of the present church is the south wall of the nave built in the 13th century; the north and east walls of the chancel dating from round about the same time. In the 14th century, a north aisle was built and the nave walls raised.

Early in the 15th century, the south wall of the chancel was rebuilt and, a little later, the west tower was built. The porch dates from the 16th century.

Some restoration work was carried out in the 1850s.

St Peter's Church          School Lane          Kings Ripton          PE28 2NL