Our village churches have been places where for generations couples have chosen to be married.

If you live in one of our local parishes you have the right to be married in the parish church.
These days, even if you don't live in the village, individuals may be be permitted to marry in one of our village churches, if you have a connection to the village.
The list of possible connections is quite long and even includes things like if your grandparents were married in the village church.
If you feel you may have the right to be married in one of our churches, or even want to make enquiries about it, please get in touch.

In recent years, regulations have changed regarding the marriage of individuals who have been divorced previously and in many instances their weddings can take place in church.  Please be in touch if you would like to have a conversation about your own particular situation.

To arrange a wedding in any of our churches please get in touch with Revd Mandy Flaherty.

The Church of England have an excellent website full of information and useful tips.